The Surf Claw is a brand new solution to a very old problem.



Not only is this handle a wonderful solution to all those surfers who have been struggling to carry their boards, but also makes carrying boards much easier even for surfers who can easily get their arms around their board. It is especially popular with kids, women, older surfers and surf schools. The simplicity, the control and the comfort just have to be experienced to know the real value of this great accessory.

See the video below to see just how effortless and simple it is to use.



What to do with your Claw when you arrive at the surf? Well one solution used by many suffers today is to strap it into the rail-saver in your leg-rope (leash) as you can see below.




The Claw has become one the most useful tools of surfers from all over the globe, with surfers now using it in over 20 countries!

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