By Martin (Marty) Olsen Wayne “Rabbit” Bartholomew AM (born; 30 November 1954) is an Australian world champion surfer, surf sports innovator, community advocate, environmentalist and […]
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July 21, 2020

Girls On Board

Photo by Molly Heath Photography IT’S A LIFESTYLE   Girls On Board provide public and private surfing lessons on Phillip […]
Aussie Surfers, Surf Locations, Surf Schools, Surfing, Surfing techniques, The Women
By Martin (Marty) Olsen In its early days, big wave surfing was generally only recognised in Hawaii. In Australia, the […]
Aussie Surfers, Surf Locations, Surfing, Surfing techniques, The men, The Women

December 11, 2019

Olympic Surfing

By Martin (Marty) Olsen 100 years ago, Duke Kahanamoku dreamt of surfing in the Olympic Games. He was a five-time […]
Aussie Surfers, Surf Locations, Surfing, The men, The Women
By Martin (Marty) Olsen Mid February 2019 a cyclone formed off the coast of Vanuatu and began an event that […]

January 10, 2019

Island Paradise

By Martin (Marty) Olsen A true island paradise lies just off the Sunshine Coast in Queensland and is surrounded by […]
Surf Locations, Surfing
By Martin (Marty) Olsen Australian Surfing Competition today is at the forefront as a national sport. 2020 will see the […]
Carrying a surfboard! Over the ages, many different techniques have been developed to assist with the issue of how to […]
Surfing, Surfing techniques
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