The Women

July 21, 2020

Girls On Board

Photo by Molly Heath Photography IT’S A LIFESTYLE   Girls On Board provide public and private surfing lessons on Phillip […]
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Aussie Surf Products is very proud to announce the appointment of our new distributor in Portugal. Martin (Marty) Olsen, Aussie […]
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By Martin (Marty) Olsen In its early days, big wave surfing was generally only recognised in Hawaii. In Australia, the […]
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December 11, 2019

Olympic Surfing

By Martin (Marty) Olsen 100 years ago, Duke Kahanamoku dreamt of surfing in the Olympic Games. He was a five-time […]
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By Martin (Marty) Olsen Pauline put the “C” into courage; she is, without doubt, Australia’s most courageous and fearless woman […]
Aussie Surfers, The Women
By Martin (Marty) Olsen The first of my Aussie Surfers Series of articles is about Australia’s true water-woman and most […]
Aussie Surfers, The Women