Aussie Surf Products is happily announcing a new supplier of our Surf Claw in France, Chipiron Surfboards, is located in one of the ultimate surf locations in Europe at Hossegor in France. They also have a surf school, the Chipiron Surf School, and offer surf lessons from Easter to All Saints’ Day, on the Culs Nus Beach in Hossegor, one of the most beautiful beaches on the Aquitaine coast.

With more than ten years of experience in teaching surfing, Damien Marly, founder of Chipiron Surfboards and Julie Pollet will accompany you in the discovery or improvement of surfing in a welcoming and friendly atmosphere.

Chipiron Surfboards family business emerged in 2010 after meeting lots of good people and putting in lots of work and surf hours as well. They are proud to have established a good image directed towards the good things in life and the pleasure to ride.

In producing surfboards, garments, accessories and fins, Chipiron likes to develop new collections inspired by its open lifestyle where surfing remains above all a game and a pleasure that knows no boundaries. Check out their website at

Damien says, “Our surfing is a family lifestyle, including our 2 children, and not just the products. We aspire to carry that spirit into our world, our shop and to the Chipiron surf school. It is very important to us to create social places for life, where locals and visiting tourists can find all the Chipiron products, and particularly take the time to talk, share or just say hello. “

Chipiron Surfboards produces handcrafted creations, original and authentic objects to be enjoyed in and out of the water. These are the modern surfboards of another time, for clean and instinct-based rides.

The Surf Claw is bound to be a huge hit along the surf coast of France. This is the first time it has been available in Surf Shops in this part of Europe. We at Aussie Surf Products (the surfing innovators) are stoked to bring this simple solution to all the struggling surfers around the world, the Surf Claw is a simple, comfortable, and absolutely affordable tool for so many surfers. Surf schools all around the world are finding the Surf Claw has become an essential part of their equipment. So many surf schools have adopted the Surf Claw now. Surf shops are selling them to all types of surfers; from families to women to guys who just discovered that using a Surf Claw just makes carrying their boards much easier and more comfortable.

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