SUP Claw


the long-awaited SUP Claw is coming


The SUP Claw is now in development and should be in production and available in March/April 2021. Keep watching this page for updates.

The SUP Claw project is destined to be a huge success as this will be the ONLY simple solution in the world today to make the carrying of SUPs, paddleboards, sailboards and many surf & watercraft simple and easy. The Surf Claw was the first project for Aussie Surf Products, the initial market testing of the Surf Claw proved both the demand for the product was huge and the product design was ideal and the customer reviews were 100% positive (click here to see verified published reviews). Now the SUP Claw will fill the gap left by the Surf Claw by providing the best solution available for carrying the larger SUP boards, paddleboards and sailboards etc.



The design is patented internationally. The owners of Aussie Surf Products are still amazed that in the past 50 years or more of modern surfing and board paddling, that nobody had come up with this simple idea. Currently, the global surfing, paddleboarding and windsurfing market is somewhere between 35 & 40 million active users and growing at over 15%/year, so the market is enormous.

SUP Claw 3D Drawing Concept Design


The SUP Claw is now in the final stage of concept design and patent. This has a potential market even bigger than the surfboard market for the Surf Claw, as people use SUPs, paddleboards and sailboards even where there is no surf and in almost every major country around the world. It will be produced initially in the same 3 colours as the Surf Claw – Blue, Yellow and Pink (see the image below). The design is strong enough to carry any normal board and long enough to enable most people to easily reach around even the wider SUPs and paddleboards. The HPDE material will float in the water if dropped and has a layer of non-slip EVA on the inner surface to keep the board secure. And unlike surfboards, surf leashes, wetsuits, mobile phones, computers and most of our cars, this product is 100% recyclable

Existing Surf Claw Colour Range


Surf schools everywhere have found the Surf Claw became an essential part of their equipment, but the SUP Claw will further enhance school’s essential tools with its ability to easily carry the largest boards. So many surf schools have now adopted the Surf Claw around the world.


Also, the SUP Claw will be an extremely useful tool for ALL  Surf Life Saving Clubs providing a simple solution for anyone to carry the larger paddleboards and rescue boards simply and easily.


The SUP Claw is simple to take with you on the board, similar to the way the Surf Claw can be taken surfing, as seen in this video above. 


Surf shops also discovered that the Surf Claw increases their board sales, when a surfer is looking, especially, at a new longboard, they also consider how difficult it is to carry to their favourite surf spot and it becomes a part of their buying decision. The same is destined for the SUP Claw in the sale of SUP Boards and other larger boards. The clever surf shop salesperson will have a SUP Claw on hand beside the board rack, and when the customer picks up the board they pull out the SUP Claw and say “try this”, suddenly the customer discovers it is so easy to carry this board, so now their decision is ONLY based on whether the board will perform the way they want in the surf!



The beauty of this product is simplicity. It will do the job perfectly, affordably and comfortably and is suitable for anyone who enjoys surfing or using SUPs, paddleboards and sailboards anywhere, making their life easier.


The Surf Claw has received 100% positive rave reviews, the SUP Claw should be even better! See our reviews page –


Register your interest now and be one of the first customers to receive the SUP Claw from the “First Release”.

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